The Stahl Firepit range was designed in the United States with simple functionality and timeless beauty in mind.  Designed for outdoor usage, the Stahl Firepit is built to withstand exposure to the elements.  Our steel is intentionally non-powder coated and free from artificial treatments allowing the steel to age naturally and develop its own character.  We choose materials that weather gracefully and naturally protect our products from the elements.  The steel firepit will not only look better as it ages and the patina develops; it will last a lifetime.

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Our firepits are made from hand selected 250 Grade hot rolled steel, which develops a beautiful patina that matures in character as it ages. With time out in the elements, your firepit will naturally lighten and change from a dark blue/grey to an autumn gold. After its first season in the outdoors, expect it to adopt a lovely golden colour. Over time (climate dependent), the steel will patina into its final shade of rich autumn with a character completely its own.

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Laser Cut with precision

Easily assembled with clean and precise cuts.

No tools required

Non-welded for easy removal and storage.

6mm Steel

Lasts for generations.

Made in Australia

All firepits are made locally in Brisbane.

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➊  Five Piece Construction

No difficult parts or screws.  Each piece is designed with precision to work together.

➋  Easy to assemble

No tools required for assembly - pieces simply slot together.

➌  Built to last

The solid steel construction is weather tested and will age beautifully over time.

* Free ground shipping to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC & SA

* Additional shipping charges apply to QLD remote areas, TAS, WA and NT.


H: 30cm x W: 76cm x L: 76cm

Designed to form a patina, the Stahl Firepit will add great ambience to any outdoor living area whether it be a large backyard or patio.


H: 20cm x W: 51cm x L: 51cm

Perfect for the outdoor living area with limited space - small patios, backyards and courtyards.  Over time the Stahl Patio will develop a lovely patina.


H: 20cm x W: 50cm x L: 50cm

The ideal camping companion with its lightweight anodized aluminium construction.  Perfect for camping, or store it in your camper trailer / caravan for your next vacation.  You won't have to sacrifice style for convenience.


Carrying your Stahl Camper has never been easier with the dual purpose Firepit Sling.